About Me

My interest of photography started in the simplest of forms. My father’s Zeiss Ikon camera is the first camera I used in order to take ordinary family photos. What I realized soon was that these photographs weren’t all too ordinary after all – they were a source of inspiration for me, leading me to develop my photography skills and allowed me to go deeper into this form of art. I gradually evolved from shooting random pictures of places and people to taking part in national and international competitions. While starting off as a hobby, my passion for photography led me to work with reputed national newspapers and premiere fashion magazines.

In 2005 while attending flight school in Australia I found myself in an entirely different environment surrounded by different landscapes and terrain. Once I started flying, I discovered the wide canvas that was the aerial view of the world. This was the beginning of my interest in aviation and aerial photography which helped produced some of my finest work.

Currently, I work as an airline pilot. I also provide professional photography services through Tareq Hadi Photography. I cover Fashion Photography, Portraits, Landscape, Aerial and Aviation, Wedding & Pre-Wedding Photography, Corporate events and other Community events.